Q. How do I install Cyberduck and connect to the web server on a Mac?

Go to the Cyberduck website and download the Mac version.

Depending on which browser you use and how it's configured, you may be prompted to open the file with "Archive Utility." Or, you may need to locate the downloaded file in your Downloads folder and double-click it.

download cyberduck


Once the download is complete, the zip file will open. You can drag and drop the Cyberduck application file anywhere on your computer. Double click this file to run the application. You will most likely receive the following notification. Click on "Open".

cyberduck install


Once you have opened Cyberduck, you can use the Quick Connect field located next to the "Action" menu to enter the URL of your website. The correct URL for connecting to your personal webspace is "https://dav.sonoma.edu/users/u/username" without the quotes and where "u" is the first letter of your username and "username" is replaced with your Ldap login. (The same one you use for SSU Online Services)

cyberduck homescreen


cyberduck certificate

Press ENTER. If you first receive a notification titled "verify certificate" simply press continue.


Then, enter your username and password (again, this is your Ldap login) and press "Login".

cyberduck authentication


If you wish to save your connection in a bookmark for easier connections to the site, you can select "New Bookmark" from the Action Menu.

cyberduck create bookmark


You will see this window after selecting "New Bookmark". Notice the Bookmark button (Looks like an open book) near the top left of the screenshot (just under "Open Connection"). Clicking this at any time will display your bookmarks.

cyberduck bookmarks