Q. How do I install Cyberduck and connect to the web server on Windows?

Go to the Cyberduck website and download the Windows version. Choose "Save file".

cyberduck windows download


Go to the download location on your computer and double click the Cyberduck executable file to open it.

cyberduck windows save


After opening the file, the install window will appear with instructions for setting up Cyberduck on Windows. You do not need bonjour for cyberduck to work properly.

cyberduck windows installation


You can choose where to save it here. The default location is fine.

cyberduck windows install location


You can open Cyberduck any time by pressing the Windows key and typing "Cyberduck" without the quotes, and then pressing ENTER.


Once you have opened Cyberduck, you can use the Quick Connect field located next to the "Action" button to enter the URL of your website. The correct URL for connecting to your personal webspace is "https://dav.sonoma.edu/users/u/username" without the quotes and where "u" is the first letter of your username and "username" is replaced with your Ldap login. (The same one you use for SSU Online Services)

cyberduck connect


Press ENTER and you will be prompted for your username and password.

cyberduck authenticate


You will then have access to your site's files and folders. Finally, you can save your current connection by clicking on the Action button and selecting "New Bookmark".

cyberduck new bookmark


Name your bookmark and then close the window. You can now go to the bookmarks tab in Cyberduck at any time to access your bookmarked connections.

cyberduck bookmarks