Q. How do I use WebDAV in Dreamweaver?

A. Before you can use Dreamweaver's built-in WebDAV client, you'll need to set up a site definition. Use the instructions linked below to set up a site definition for your site.

Please note: There are two versions of tutorials below. In version 2017, follow the instructions. In version 2015, the WebDAV connection URLs for most department websites has changed. In these instructions, where you see "www.sonoma.edu" use "web.sonoma.edu" instead.

Note: To acess the web server you must use Dreamweaver 8 or higher, or another supported WebDAV client that supports connections using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). See the list of supported WebDAV clients.

These videos show the process of setting up a site definition in CS4, but the process is very similar in more recent versions.

This video illustrates how to set up a Dreamweaver site Version 2015. If the embedded video is not visible, use this direct link to the video on YouTube.