NetForms 2.5 User's Guide

What Is NetForms?

NetForms is the Web server "back-end" that will allow you to create interactive Web sites. With NetForms, your Mac Web server will easily process information entered by visitors in a variety of ways. NetForms is more than just a single-purpose add-on to a Web server. Instead, NetForms is a multipurpose CGI that provides Webmasters with commands that allow for a great deal of customization and creativity, features that will keep visitors to your Web site coming back again and again.

What exactly can NetForms do for your Web server? There are four tasks that NetForms can perform when a user submits information to your Web server:

Just a few examples of uses for NetForms include:

NetForms, and your creativity, will enable you to generate flexible, easy-to-use forms to make your Web server stand out from the crowd.

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