NetForms 2.5 User's Guide

Before Getting Started

There are a few terms you need to know to make the most of this User Guide. First, you should be completely familiar with HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and specifically HTML Forms. The terms Entry Form, or simply Form, used in this guide refer to an HTML document that accepts input from users. The form can contain fixed-length text fields, scrolling text blocks, pop-up menus, and any other HTML-supported input type.

This documentation will also refer to user-written Articles. An article is entered into an entry form, and is processed by NetForms into a formatted HTML document viewable by other users. The word "article" may not be entirely accurate for the system you are creating, but is used here to keep things simple. For example, if you were creating a system for entering recipes, each recipe would be considered an article. When a user enters an article into the system, this is known as Publishing, and the Author is the person entering the article.

Perhaps most importantly, you will need a Form Definition, also known as an FDML (Forms Definition Markup Language) document. This is the document that contains one or more instructions used by NetForms (NetForms.acgi) to process the data entered by a user. Each FDML document describes to NetForms how to store, create, or edit HTML documents, send an e-mail message, or turn data into a text file.

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