NetForms 2.5 User's Guide

Creating An Autolink File

Using the AUTOLINK directive you can create automatic links to your home page or sub-pages by any key words you choose. Automatic links can be established to company product pages, professional solutions, key employees, etc. Many of your organization's current intellectual assets in the form of text documents and graphics can be processed and published on your Web site with NetForms as well.

An AutoLink file is a plain text file created in any text editor or word processor. The file is made up of "Potential Links", or links that may be added to any article. There is one potential link on each line of the file. Each potential link is made up of a key word or phrase that should be linked along with an HTML command that will create the link. The keyword and the HTML command must be separated by one or more tab characters.

For example, a good starting place for an AutoLink file would be:

    Maxum    <A HREF="">Maxum</A>
    Apple    <A HREF="">Apple</A>

Any article generated from an FDML document that AutoLinks this file will have the words "Maxum" and "Apple" automatically replaced by hypertext-links to their respective home pages. You may, of course, include any links you want to documents on or off your own Web site. All the AUTOLINK directive does is replace the key words with the specified text.

AutoLink does not require that you replace words with hypertext links. This allows you to use AutoLink to replace words with other words or phrases. You could use AutoLink to replace the names of competitors with "Brand X" an d "Brand Y", or replace offensive language with something more acceptable.

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