NetForms 2.5 User's Guide

Upgrading NetForms

Your purchase of NetForms also includes at least one year of free software upgrades. With the speed that the Web and Web software tools are evolving, this could be the most valuable part of your NetForms purchase.

Your program disk includes a special key file, named with your NetForms serial number. Any of the downloadable demo versions of NetForms that become available on our Web site can be validated with this key. Validating will remove the expiration date from the time limited demos and they will become full versions of the product.

You may also use your key to validate development or beta versions of NetForms, but please heed any warnings about using development or beta software on your production server.

To validate a copy of NetForms, simply drag and drop your key file onto the NetForms application. NetForms will launch and display the message "Thank You. This copy of NetForms has been validated". As an alternative, if there is a valid key in the same folder as NetForms, it will run as a validated copy with no expiration date. Remember, though, that if the key is removed it will revert immediately to demo status and expire.

After one year, your key will no longer work with new versions of NetForms. Contact Maxum Development for information on upgrading to new versions at that time. Of course, any existing validated copies you own will continue to function normally for an indefinite time.

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