Q. Can I include my pages in the campus search engine? How do I make sure my pages are included?

A. Sonoma State uses a Google search appliance hosted by the CSU Chancellor's Office, search.calstate.edu.

The search engine is constantly crawling SSU's many websites, looking for new and updated pages, and pages that have been deleted. This information is saved to the search engine's database, which can then be searched by visitors to our websites.

To ensure the the search engine can index your site, make sure you can browse to your site starting from the SSU homepage. If you can get to your site from the SSU homepage (even if it's 100+ clicks to get there), the search engine should be able to find it, too.

If your pages cannot be browsed to from one of the above starting pages, you should request a link to your site be added on an appropriate page. To add your link to any of the following pages, contact the IT Web Office.

Also, the CSU search engine indexes only pages that start with the following URLs.

  • http://www.sonoma.edu/
  • http://www.students.sonoma.edu/
  • http://www.phys-astro.sonoma.edu/
  • http://library.sonoma.edu/
  • http://libguides.sonoma.edu/
  • http://wcr.sonoma.edu/
  • http://london.sonoma.edu/
  • http://www.cs.sonoma.edu/
  • http://streaming.sonoma.edu/
  • http://gmc.sonoma.edu/
  • http://tools.sonoma.edu/
  • http://seawolfsuites.sonoma.edu/
  • http://ldaps.sonoma.edu/
  • http://libguides.sonoma.edu/
  • http://northbaydigital.sonoma.edu/
  • http://mesa.sonoma.edu/
  • http://people.sonoma.edu/
  • http://security.sonoma.edu/
  • http://woodstock.sonoma.edu/

If your site uses a different URL, and you think it should be included in SSU's search index, contact Barbara Moore (barbara.moore@sonoma.edu).

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