Q. How often is the search index updated? If I put up a page today, how soon will it show up in the search engine?

A. The CSU Google Search Appliance is constantly crawling SSU's websites. Assuming the search engine can find your page, it should update the index for your modified page within a day or two. Sometimes it might take longer. If your site is not showing up in search results, or if old versions of your page are showing up in results, contact the IT Web Office.

If I delete a page, how long until it is removed from the search index?

If a deleted page is still showing up in search results, make sure you deleted the page from both your computer and the web server. If there is still a problem, call the Web Office. Google Search (both the CSU Google Search Appliance, and google.com) will often provide a cached version of web pages after they have been deleted from the web server.

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