Q. What server technology can I use with my SSU website?

A. Information Technology provides the following server technology for web developers on www.sonoma.edu.

Form Processing

Formation - relatively easy to learn form processor that lets you send email, save information to a file, deliver custom responses to your users, create HTML pages, collect survey data, create a guestbook, etc.

Formaldehyde - a CGI written by IT to use the same tagset as NetForms.

Search Engine

Google Mini - IT updates the search index every night. Anything on SSU web servers that can be browsed to from the university home page and several other starting points is included in the search index. Websites can include a search form to search the entire index or just a specific directory. Search forms can also point to custom search result templates so search results can share a similar design as the school, department, or individual's pages.

Password Protecting

passwords.txt - password protect a directory based on one or more usernames and passwords you create. Visitors to pages in the protected directory must enter a correct username and password to view the pages.

ldapuids.txt - use SSU's LDAP authentication to password protect a directory. Allow access to any visitor with valid SSU LDAP username and password, or limit access to students, employees, or employees of a specific division or department, or by enrollment in a specific course.

Server Side Includes

SSI - Server Side Includes are relatively simple commands that can be easily inserted into your pages. The server then uses these commands to retrieve information or files to present in the webpage as it is loading. SSI's are able to insert files, a current time, and a counter, among other things.


Webalizer - web server log file analysis program that produces highly detailed usage reports in HTML format, for viewing with a standard web browser. Departments may request web stats to be run on traffic to their site (top level directory down). Stats are run every night and stored in the department directory.

Google Analytics - sites using the University Template are also included in the University's Google Analytics report. Email webmaster@sonoma.edu for further information.

Weblogs, Content Management

Movable Type 2.6 - a PERL-based publishing platform for creating weblogs or news pages, or even department sites.

Video Streaming

Video streaming services are handled on separate servers, either the campus streaming server or the SSU YouTube channel. See the Video Production site for more information.

Commonly Requested Technologies NOT Available

At this time, the following are not available for individual or department developer use on www.sonoma.edu:

  • Shell Access to servers
  • FTP or SecureFTP
  • Perl
  • PHP
  • ASP
  • JSP
  • MySQL
  • ColdFusion