Q. What is my WebDAV URL for my site on www.sonoma.edu?

A.Your site's WebDAV URL is similar to the the URL people use to visit your site, but with some small differences.

  • Instead of http, you must use https
  • Instead of www, you must use dav



Where <folderpath> is the subdirectory path of the departmental, club or individual folder you access.

  • Username: your Seawolf (LDAP) username
  • Password: your Seawolf (LDAP) password
  • Email: your sonoma.edu email address


If you are the editor for the Biology department website, which is at www.sonoma.edu/biology/, you would use the following WebDAV URL.

  • https://dav.sonoma.edu/biology/

If you are editing a personal faculty/staff site, and your username is smithj, you would use the following WebDAV URL.

  • https://dav.sonoma.edu/users/s/smithj/