Academic Advisory Board

The Academic Advisory Board is made up of Sonoma State University faculty members and community leaders. Its job is to advise Jewish Studies Program from a broad perspective in an effort to monitor and ensure its academic quality. The board members are:

  • Director of the Jewish Studies Program
  • Lynn Ganz, SSU Jewish Studies Program Co-founder
  • Joshua Glasgow, Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Center for Ethics, Law, and Society
  • Anne Goldman, Professor Department of English, (19th and 20th Century American Literature)
  • Elaine Leeder, Dean of the School of Social Sciences and Professor of Socioligy, emeritus
  • Marge Limbert, Sonoma State Univeristy Director of Development
  • Barbara Sachs-Senn, Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Founder of Women's Giving Circles
  • Morty Wiggins, President of Second Octave Talent