Kinesiology at Sonoma State

Kinesiology, as the study of human movement, utilizes a comprehensive and integrative approach to examine phenomena related to all aspects of physical activity. The curriculum offered by the Department of Kinesiology prepares graduates to apply kinesiological principles to the acquisition, performance, and refinement of motor skills and to the use of physical activity as an educative tool and a medium for health promotion, personal well being, and participation in an active life style. The curriculum addresses human movement across the life span from biological/physical, behavioral, sociocultural, and humanistic perspectives, with attention given to the unique and common needs of all people in a wide variety of contexts and conditions.

In conjunction with the broader educational mission of the University, the kinesiology major program prepares students to lead and participate in a modern complex society and to assume multiple roles throughout their lifetimes. Graduates have acquired knowledge and experiences that prepare them to pursue lifelong learning, advanced study, and/or careers in such areas as teaching, coaching, adapted physical education, allied health fields, health and fitness industries, sport industries, or exercise and movement science. To achieve this mission, the kinesiology major provides students with a well-structured set of curricular and co-curricular experiences and the mentorship to derive a sound education from the University experience.

The Department of Kinesiology programs lead to the BS or MA degrees. In both programs a core of courses is required. Beyond this core, the kinesiology student chooses a concentration of courses with a specific focus. The undergraduate may select Physical Education, Adapted Physical Education, Exercise Science, Lifetime Fitness, or Interdisciplinary Studies in kinesiology.

New Kinesiology Majors

You need to meet with a kinesiology advisor as soon as possible.

New First-Time Freshmen

Welcome to SSU. You will want to start taking or complete the following courses during your first two semesters:   For those in the Exercise Science concentration: Biology 110 and Chem 115A & B.  For those in all other concentrations: Biology 115 and Chem 105.  
These courses are pre-requisites to Biology 220 and Biology 224, which are required support courses in your major.  These two courses, along with KIN 201, must be completed before you can take core classes in your major. If you are not sure of your concentration, or you need additional information about the major, see an advisor in the Kinesiology Department, attend a group advising session, or make an appointment with the Department Chair, Dr Steven Winter
All majors should schedule advising at least once a semester.

Transfer Students

Welcome to SSU. You need to have taken Human Anatomy and Human Physiology courses. Upon entry to SSU, you need to sign-up for Kin 201 as soon as possible in order to take other Kinesiology Core courses, unless you have already taken an equivalent course. If you are not sure whether a course you have taken is equivalent, see the Kinesiology Chair.

Current SSU Students

To apply for a Change of Major to Kinesiology one will have to complete an application by a specified date in October (to be considered for Spring change of major) or a specified date in February (to be considered for Fall change of major). The application is available in the Kinesiology Office – PE 14 or by contacting Gina Voight the Kinesiology Administrative Coordinator at 707-664-2357.

One’s chance for successful consideration is increased primarily through completion of or enrollment in General Biology, General Chemistry, Human Anatomy and Human Physiology (Bio & Chem for Freshman-Sophomores / All 4 courses for Juniors). One’s chance for consideration is increased secondarily through completion of or enrollment in Statistics, Nutrition, Introduction to Computers.



Department Chair

Dr Steven Winter

Administrative Coordinator

Ms. Gina Voight
PE 14
Fax 707-664-3710

Office Location:

PE 14

Instructions for completing
the Graduation Application

Core Courses

In order to ensure that our majors can get core courses that they need to graduate, the department has changed the requirements for getting into these classes.

The changes in the requirements are that you can no longer take core courses and Kin 241/242 unless you have completed Human Anatomy and Human Physiology and Kin 201.

Office Hours

Regular Office Hours are 8 am to 4:30pm

If the office is closed, please leave a message at 707-664-2357 or contact the Dean's office at 707-664-2171.