Kinesiology Concentrations

The Kinesiology Department currently has five concentration options. Each concentration has a separate information sheet for students to follow a course of study. Support courses and core requirements are the same for all Kinesiology majors. Differences occur in the concentration section. Please see the appropriate information sheet. Additionally, you will want to meet with the advisor(s) regarding your field of study. Theoretical and practical learning experiences are an important part of all concentrations. Each student is required to participate in field experiences related to his/her area of concentration.

Exercise Science, Pre-Physical Therapy

Graduates are prepared to enter graduate study for an advanced degree and certification as a physical therapist, or another career related to excercise science.

Excercise Science/Pre-Physical Therapy Advising Worksheet

Lifetime Physical Activity

Graduates are prepared for careers in the fields of fitness wellness or coaching education.

Lifetime Physical Activity Advising Worksheet

Emphasis in Fitness and Wellness Advising Worksheet

Emphasis in Coach Education Advising Worksheet

Interdisciplinary or Interdisciplinary Pre-Occupational Therapy

Graduates, in consultation with the interdisciplinary advisor and the approval of the department chair, develop a concentration curriculum tailored to meet their special interest; (e.g., pre-occupational therapy, sport journalism, etc.)

Interdisciplinary Advising Worksheet

Interdisciplinary Pre-Occupational Therapy Advising Worksheet

The Kinesiology Interdisciplinary Concentration is an opportunity for students to develop a program pertaining to Kinesiology that is related to their career goals. The concentration must be distinctly different from Kinesiology concentrations already offered. Areas of emphasis may include pre-occupational therapy, sports communication, community recreation and others.

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In order to create the Interdisciplinary Concentration students must:

  • Consult with the Interdisciplinary Concentration Advisor to become familiar with the process and develop their program.
  • Define and describe in writing the specific theme they would like their Interdisciplinary Concentration to be in. In describing the theme it should be clearly related to Kinesiology and you should discuss career goals such as graduate school or a professions that the concentration would prepare you for.
  • Identify a list of courses you would like to apply to the concentration. The Kinesiology Interdisciplinary Concentration is a minimum of 24 units. Courses in kinesiology and those offered by other departments are appropriate and may be applied to this track. A minimum of 3 units, and not more than 6 units in Field Experience and/or Special Studies (KIN 495) must be taken.
  • In addition to a list of classes you need to identify how each class would contribute to your concentration's theme and learning objectives.
  • The proposed study list must be signed by the student and advisor and submitted to the department chair for approval. A copy of the signed, approved study list is placed in the student's advising folder.

Can I do Occupational Therapy through the Kinesiology Interdisciplinary Concentration?

Yes. The Pre-Occupational therapy requirements are not as standardized as pre-Physical Therapy, therefore in consultation with the Kinesiology Interdisciplinary Advisor you can create a pre-OT course plan based on the list of requirements for OT Masters programs you are interested in applying to.

Can I major in something health related like pre-med, chiropractic, or physician’s assistant?

You have two options.

  • For students who are interested in Allied Health careers such as pre-med, chiropractic, physician’s assistant, podiatry, etc. there is an excellent program though the School of Science and Technology, the Health Professions Advisory Program Students prepare at SSU to enter programs that lead to admission into medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, optometry, pharmacy, podiatry and chiropractic medicine. In addition, students can prepare for graduate study in other health professions careers to become a physician assistant, physical therapist, genetic counselor, or in fields of public health. The Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC) in the School of Science and Technology provides advising for most of the above health professions.
  • You can opt for the Kinesiology pre-PT concentration.
    Our department policy is to have students who want to do chiropractic or other sports medicine related careers do the pre-PT concentration. The pre-requisites for these fields are very similar to pre-PT with a few additional classes.

Can I major in pre-Nursing through the Kinesiology Interdisciplinary Concentration?

Sonoma State has a Nursing program (BA) and a pre-Nursing program (pre-requisites for applying to the Nursing program). The Kinesiology Interdisciplinary concentration must be distinctly different from Kinesiology concentrations and SSU majors that are already offered by the university. Pre-Nursing is not an option for the Kinesiology Interdisciplinary Concentration.