Meet Our Staff

Leslie Shelton, Ph.D.

Leslie Shelton, Director of Academic Support Programs

B.S. Health Education, M.A. Student Development & Counseling, Ph.D. Transformative Learning & Educational Psychology

Leslie is the Director of this federal TRiO program as well as the Tutorial Center & Supplemental Instruction for the university. You can meet with Leslie to …

  • Discuss an overview of United for Success services during an intake meeting and create a plan of service
  • Assess your strongest 5 or 6 learning intelligences and develop effective learning and study strategies to use these smarts
  • Learn strategies for overcoming test anxiety and the pressure to perform
  • Develop creative, multi-intelligent approaches to managing projects, assignments and time
  • Discuss steps and strategies to follow in applying for Graduate School

Leslie has worked in Student Affairs in career planning, counseling and academic support in colleges and universities for over 20 years as well as in community organizations and adult literacy programs for over 25 years. She is most interested in helping students understand and utilize their many capacities to succeed in school and life. Her focus throughout her career has been on maximizing one’s potential. Her doctoral research focused on the role of emotions in learning and the impact of shame on the self.

Rosemarie Calzontzi

Rose Calzontzi, Administrative Support Coordinator

B.A. Environmental Studies

Being the Administrative Coordinator means that I mostly work behind the scenes, supporting the program director and specialists. I do, however, meet with students for intake and check-in appointments. I also work with the United for Success Leadership Team, overseeing their daily work and supporting their activities. I am a proud SSU alumnae and was a first-gen college student.

Claudia Holt

Claudia Holt, Writing Specialist

B.A. German Language & Literature, M.S. Education, M.A. Depth Psychology

Make an appointment with Claudia when you need help with any part of the writing process, including…

  • Understanding the writing assignment
  • Generating ideas verbally or in writing, including brainstorming techniques
  • Discovering what’s important to you within the range of your chosen topic
  • Organizing your thoughts into sentences and paragraphs
  • Researching your topic using specific tools and methods
  • Applying the most effective approach to writing multiple drafts
  • Proofreading your own paper, checking grammar, punctuation, and organization
  • Writing Personal Statements for scholarships, graduate school, and scholarly applications

Claudia focuses on finding out what’s important and meaningful to each student. Her goal is to teach each individual to effectively communicate ideas verbally and in writing. She has been teaching English Composition at the college level for over 25 years and draws from her background in foreign languages (German and Spanish), psychology, and critical thinking when tailoring her sessions to each student’s needs.

Eric Jenné

Eric Jenné, Math & Financial Literacy Specialist

B.A. Mathematics

Make an appointment to see Eric when you need ...

  • Help understanding math assignments
  • A better understanding of core math concepts
  • To prepare for your math class's midterms and finals
  • To prepare for the math portion of standardized tests like the GRE, CBEST, TEAS
  • A better understanding of how to manage your personal wealth
  • Help finding scholarships and grants

Eric has been working as math specialist assisting college students for more than 20 years. He likes to break down large and complicated concepts in math into smaller manageable pieces so that his students can more easily understand them. He tailors his teaching to each student’s preferred ways of learning.

Achara Barclay

Achara Barclay, Graduate Assistant: Master Tutor in Writing (Part-time – 14 hrs./week)

B.A. English, M.A. English (Rhetoric and Composition)

Make an appointment to see Achara for help with …

  • The basics of the writing process – grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, proof reading, editing
  • Getting your paper started – brainstorming ideas, selecting a topic, developing your ideas, and organizing them
  • How to write a thesis statement – types and processes
  • Writing a research paper – research skills, using the library, citing sources, annotated bibliographies
  • Preparing to take the WEPT exam or timed exams

Achara is busy completing her Master’s thesis this semester. She has been a TA at Sonoma State teaching a variety of English courses over the past three and a half years. As a TA, she has taught first year composition, supported the Shakespeare, Film and Tutor Age course, and assisted with the course on Pedagogical Grammar. Prior to coming to SSU, she was a tutor for a high school AVID group as well as an ABE tutor in Houston, TX.

Michael Eynon

Michael Eynon, College Support Coach (Part-time – 19 hrs./week)

B.A. Psychology and Theater Arts, M.A. Counseling Psychology

Michael is here to offer you a safe place to address a variety of personal or school challenges that may interfere with your studies at SSU. You can see him for assistance …

  • Seeing and setting long term and short-term goals, exploring and choosing a major, and setting a career path
  • Increasing self-knowledge through conversation, personality type assessments, StrengthsQuest, or career surveys
  • Managing the transition from home, family and high school to college and life away from home
  • Developing successful coping strategies for managing stress, external demands, personal challenges
  • Discussing personal issues that may interfere with studying and succeeding in classes

Michael is an SSU grad who has worked over the past two years with youth as a Counseling Intern at the Novato Youth Center, and has led college readiness workshops and offered advising for high school students in Academic Talent Search for over 5 years. Michael is interested in the role of drama therapy in counseling and is in the final stages of completing his MFT licensure exams.