Math at Sonoma State

Beauty, precision and usefulness are some characteristics of mathematics that have since ancient times attracted many creative, practical, theoretical, and visionary thinkers. You can join them!

Mathematics and Statistics students at Sonoma State University are part of an active learning community, preparing for an exciting future. In addition to small, participatory classes, faculty and students participate in conferences, research and outreach.

Why should you be a Math or Statistics major?

Project Make the Way

Project Make the Way is a California Math-Science Partnership between the Sonoma State Math/Stats and Literacy Studies & Elementary Education departments, the Santa Rosa City Schools, and the California Mathematics Project: North Coast. Working with K-8 teachers to design and integrate Maker challenges for learning mathematics, we're changing what it means to learn mathematics in school! Watch this video for a brief overview.

Statistics Degrees

According to the American Statistical Association, the demand for statisticians in the workforce is dramatically increasing. Statisticians find employment in a variety of fields. Biomedical, pharmaceutical, engineering and marketing companies, and government agencies seek employees with statistical skills to analyze large data sets. Many students find lucrative jobs as SAS programmers. In addition, statistics students with an interest in finance or economics will be interested in pursuing a career as an actuary.

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers two degrees to prepare students for these great careers. Students are able to pursue a B.S. in Statistics or a B.A in Applied Statistics. The B.S. is perfect preparation for a career as a professional statistician, while the B.A. is designed to be one half of a double major, paired with another discipline which is highly statistical: Biology, Economics, Psychology, Sociology, to name a few.

2017 Department Newsletter

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Math Textbooks

You should be able to find out what textbooks you need for your classes from the textbooks section of the SSU bookstore. Once you have your list, you are welcome to shop elsewhere for your books.

Mission Statement

"The Department of Mathematics at Sonoma State University serves all students interested in mathematics and its applications.... The department promotes excellence in the teaching and learning of mathematics, and encourages inquiry, application, and an appreciation of the intrinsic beauty of mathematics." (Excerpt from the Department's Mission Statement)

Math Club

The math club meets every other Thursday at noon in Darwin 109. Stop in the Math Lab (Darwin 108) and check with a member to find out what the club is up to!


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