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Sonoma State University

Mathematics and Statistics Alumni Questionnaire

If you graduated from Sonoma State University with a degree in Mathematics or Statistics, your answers to the following questions are very important to us. In order to learn about the quality of your experiences as a student at Sonoma State and the activities in which you are involved today, we ask that you answer as accurately as possible. Your responses are confidential and anonymous, and your decision whether or not to participate will not affect your future relations with the University in any way. The information you provide will be used to help improve the programs in Mathematics and Statistics at Sonoma State University.

If you have any questions, please contact the chair of the Mathematics and Statistics Department at (707) 664-2368.

Please tell us about yourself...

What is your gender?
What is your current employment status?

If you are employed, how would you describe your present position?

If applicable, please tell us about your current employer.

Your salary or annual earnings are in which range?

If employed, how satisfied are you with your current position?

If employed, how well did your experiences at Sonoma State University
prepare you for your career?

Please tell us about any current educational activities.

At present time, you are:

If in school, what type of supplementary support do you receive?

School and Program Information

Please tell us about your academic career at Sonoma State University.

At what level did you enter Sonoma State University?

If you entered as a transfer student, where had you been
attending school prior to SSU?

If you entered as a transfer student, how well did your
earlier math classes prepare you for math and statistics classes at Sonoma State?

Did you earn a teaching credential?
If you could begin again, would you attend SSU?

Overall, how would you rate SSU?

Would you recommend SSU to a friend?

Please tell us more about your perceptions and opinions of the University today.

My years at SSU were some of the best years of my life.

I am proud to be an SSU alumna/us.

I still have strong ties to SSU.

I had a very positive experience as a student at SSU.

I am interested in what is going on at SSU today.

I feel very positive about SSU today.

SSU is the school I would want my children
(or grandchildren) to attend.

Tell us more...

Please tell us about your relationship with the Mathematics and Statistics Department. We are particularly interested in learning how well your program in math satisfied your post-baccalaureate needs. Do you have any suggestions for how we can improve the program?