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Fractal With Equation z = c -.3*z^4+ 1.3*z^2

Mandlebrot-quartic fractal

Fractal With Equation z = c + 1/((z-1)(z-i))

Chaos Fractal

In these factals, we use iterative equations z = c + f(z) for various functions f. The iterations may result in converging or diverging values of z. Scanning the screen as if it were the complex plane, we use the iterative equation a fixed number of times to compute the values of z. We then color the "points" (pixels) according to various convergence criteria. For example, we color a point one color if the values of z converge, another color if they oscillate between two values, another color if they oscillate among three values, etc..., and still another color if they become unbounded. This method produces "interior" (non-black) colors in Mandelbrot sets and other fractals.

Fractal With Equation z = c + -1.5z^2 + 2.5z^4

Combined quartic/ quadratic fractal

Here are three fractals of the form z =c + kz^4 + (1-k)/z , with k = 1, .95 and 1.05. The k=1 case results in a "three-lobed" Mandelbrot type fractal but the addition of a pole at the origin,(1-k)/z,interrupts the three-fold symmetry.
quartic+reciprocal fractal quartic+reciprocal fractal quartic+reciprocal fractal

z= c + z^4    z = c + z^4 + .95/z    z = z^4 + 1.05/z
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