Study Abroad

German Minor students are encouraged to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity available to them. But not only German students are eligible. Anyone may apply and can benefit tremendously from a stay abroad.

See the World, Learn a Language

Is it possible to study in Germany after just a few semesters of German at Sonoma State? Yes, and once abroad, it's easy to complete many units toward your degree. The key is planning ahead!

Spending time in a German-speaking country can greatly improve your language skills and enhance your understanding of a foreign culture and people. In addition, an experience abroad greatly enhances your career opportunities. You may also establish future professional contacts and make lifelong friends.

Most SSU German students study at the university in T├╝bingen or in Heidelberg, but there are many other beautiful study sites available in the federal state of Baden-W├╝rttemberg that focus on particular career tracks. See Students in Germany for personal experiences and pictures!

Financial aid recipients may be surprised to learn that financial aid packages can be adapted to meet the costs of a program abroad.

For more information, please look at the CSU International Program's website. Also, feel free to contact Professor Michaela Grobbel or the Sonoma State International Services Office.