German Language Teaching Assistants, 2018-2019

Hallo zusammen  / Hi everybody! 

We are Julia Jimenez Wese and Anne Ruck, your new German Language Teaching Assistants (LTA) for Fall and Spring 2018-19. We both study in Freiburg, Germany and want to become Elementary School Teachers. We are so glad to finally be here and get to know all of you! 

Hi, meet Julia, pictured on the right! She helps Kate Foley-Beining in the classes GER101.1 and GER101.2. Her passion is horseback riding and she loves to go skiing in winter. She hosts the Kaffeestunde every Tuesday from noon to one at the Charlie Brown CafĂ©. Everybody’s welcome to come and join us to chat about the German Culture and whatever topics you would like to talk about.

And now meet Anne, pictured on the left. She is helping Fanny Jasper in GER 200 and Kate Foley-Beining in GER314. She plays the flute in the Sonoma State Concert band and just started playing on the University’s Lacrosse team. Anne is hosting the Movie Monday 7pm every second week at Carson 30. We will watch a variety of German movies, but even if you’re not fluent in German please come over and enjoy the exciting movies with English subtitles. 


Thank you,
Anne and Julia