German Peer Language Facilitators, 2014-2015

hannesHi, my name is Hannes. I am the Fulbright Language Teaching Assistant from Germany and I will be supporting the German students in the Department of Modern Languages & Literatures at Sonoma State for the fall 2014 and spring 2014 semesters. Coming from a little village in a rural part of South-Western Germany, I am nature-loving and very close to my family. Before I came here, I just handed in my Master thesis to become a teacher of English, Physical Education and Geography in Germany. In my leisure time I engage in all kinds of sports, hiking or adventure activities, and I love to play the guitar and sing along. I am absolutely fascinated by California so far and look forward to staying here with all of you for the year. And, by the way, if you have problems of any kind, my office hours are on Mondays and Wednesdays from noon to one o┬┤clock. Feel free to stop by!
Bis bald, Hannes

julia_mHallo! My name is Julia, I'm 23 years old and I'm studying to be an elementary teacher at the University of Education in Ludwigsburg. My main subjects are German, English, Education and Physical Education but as an elementary school teacher I am going to teach almost everything! During the semester I live in Ludwigsburg which is located in the southwest of Germany, close to Stuttgart. My small hometown is located close to the Bavarian border. The reasons why I decided to study abroad are the following ones: to meet many nice people, improve my English to be a good English teacher and to get to know the United States and therefore California. I am so glad to be a PLF at the SSU, because I have a lot of fun teaching German to SSU students, and I think it is so helpful and motivating for you to have real native German speakers at SSU. This experience will also help me to become a teacher at home. I want to offer you a lot of the German language and especially I want to share with you aspects of German culture. I hope you will have fun learning and speaking German and that you will get curious about the country! Maybe some of you will decide to go to Germany for study abroad! ;-) I am looking forward to meeting you in German 101.2 and in my PLF session!

CorinnaHallo, alle miteinander! :) My name is Corinna and I am studying Secondary School Education with the subjects German, English and History at the University of Education in Ludwigsburg. It has always been a dream of mine to study in the US, especially in California. So at the moment I'm living my personal dream and I am very happy to live it here at SSU. My goal is to improve my English, so that I can teach my future students to the best of my ability. I'm here for one semester and I am taking English and Education courses. Additionally, I am a "Peer Language Facilitator" for the German 200L class. In our small conversation groups of German language students we will learn a lot about the German culture and the country itself. Unfortunately, we also have to practice some grammar topics ;)...
But I hope that I can explain the grammar to you in a vivid and interesting way! I'm very excited about that and I'm looking forward to help you with my mother tongue.
Moreover, I'm also the one-on-one tutor for German in the Tutorial Center, so if you need any help with your homework or have questions, just stop by in the Tutorial Center and ask me for help! I'm so happy to be here on this beautiful campus and to meet you all. I hope that I can make you curious about the German culture and the country so that maybe one day you can live your own personal dream to study abroad in Germany. ;)




Hello! My name is Amelie. I am studying at the University of Education in Freiburg (Germany) to become a secondary school teacher. My major subject is English and my minor subjects are Mathematics and Home Economics.
I will be at Sonoma State University for one year, and I am very happy and excited that I will one of the German PLFs during my time here!




My name is Andrea, I'm 23 years old, and I study at the University of Education in Freiburg to become an elementary school teacher. My main subjects are English, Health, and Domestic Education and Pedagogy. The following two semesters I will study at Sonoma State with the focus on English and Teaching.  I'm very excited to be here and get to know a new culture. I love travelling and living in different places around the world, and getting insights into many different cultures. Originally, I am from Munich, which is located in the South East of Germany. After I finished my high school degree there, I moved to Australia for a year to work and travel, which is one of my best experiences so far. When I came back I moved to Freiburg for my studies, which is in the South West and has a completely different culture. As a PLF I like to show you how diverse cultures can be and how exciting it is to learn about those.  Let's go and 'make a trip' to Germany all together by learning the language and talk about the people, the Land and Traditions! Ich freue mich schon!


AnnikaHey, my name is Annika! I'm studying Psychology in the 5th semester at the University of Heidelberg (Germany), and I am really happy that I was given the great chance to study abroad in California. I really enjoy my psychology-classes here, and I am also glad to be a PLF at Sonoma State! It's a great chance not only to gain experience in teaching, but also to get in contact with American students.
From my own experience in learning a language, I can say that it helps a lot to practice together in small groups. Being already really excited about getting to know all about the American way of life, I also appreciate the possibility to share some experiences from my German culture with the students here. I am looking forward to a wonderful time with you!

IsabelleHello! My Name is Isabell. I am 22 years old. I am an International Exchange Student from the University of Education in Ludwigsburg. My major is Special Education and my main subject is English. I was born and raised in a small city called Ettenheim in the state of Baden-W├╝rttemberg. In my free time I like to sing, that is why I am also in the SSU choir.
Moreover, I like to spend time with my friends, e.g. doing sports together, going to the cinema or to a restaurant. In Germany I live in Ludwigsburg in an apartment with two very good friends.
During my semester at Sonoma State University I am a Peer Language Facilitator, that means that I meet with small groups of SSU students. We talk German, and I help them with their German language students, such as grammar and pronunciation. I also try to introduce a little bit of German culture. Moreover, I am a tutor in German for one of the beginning German classes. I am really looking forward to work together with the students! During my stay I am mainly taking courses in the field of Education and English.
The campus is really beautiful and I have already met a lot of great people! I am looking forward to a semester with a lot of new experiences and making new friends!

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