Language Class Placement Checklist for language classes at SSU

Language Class Placement Checklist (LCPC)

Languages available:

What is the Placement Checklist?

The Language Class Placement Checklist (LCPC) comprises a set of statements that students review to help guide themselves in the selection of a language class at the appropriate level for them. The placement checklist can be helpful for:

  • First-year incoming Freshman wanting to determine the proper language course to partner with the MLL 161A
  • Students wanting to determine the proper level course for GE C3
  • Students wanting to determine the proper entry point for completion of a language major or minor

For more detailed information, consult the Language Advising Quick Overview spreadsheet

Additional Advising at Summer Orientation

During summer orientation, incoming Freshmen will bring a printout with their choice of 1) Freshmen Learning Community and 2) language course with them to the advising sessions. There will be faculty and peer advisors on hand to answer questions about FLC/HLC courses and students’ placement choice.

Students should make their choice of course carefully, as they will not be able to change courses once the Fall semester begins. Check the Academic Calendar for Add/Drop deadlines: