Our GE Package

Sonoma State University Latin Jazz Ensemble, Kendrick Freeman, director

The Department of Music at Sonoma State University is proud to offer a full array of General Education courses, which satisfy both Area C1 and Area C3.

Offerings in both lower division and upper division of these C1 and C3 Music courses are taught primarily by full time faculty.

Area C1
MUS 105 (4 units) Music Theory for Non-Majors
MUS 150* (3 units) Survey of U.S. Music
MUS 250 (3 units) Survey of European Music
MUS 343 (3 units) Studies in Musical Genres (topic varies)
MUS 344 (3 units) Studies in Musical Composers (topic varies)

Area C3
MUS 101 (3 or 4 units) Introduction to Music
MUS 201 (4 units) Music In Action
MUS 350* (4 units) Survey of World Music

Student may petition the GE committee to receive a fourth unit of GE in Area C1 if enrolled in a music department ensemble in the same semester they are enrolled in a music department C1 course.

*(also satisfies a music major requirement)