Jazz Ensembles

SSU has several jazz ensembles offering a wide variety of performance opportunities on and off-campus. Students are also encouraged to compose or arrange for these groups:

SSU Jazz Orchestra
An 18-piece big band specializing in the finest classic and modern repertoire, directed by Doug Leibinger.
Concert Jazz Ensembles
Small groups focusing on improvisation and building standard and contemporary repertoire, also directed by Doug Leibinger.
Latin Jazz Ensemble
An awareness of other musical languages gives perspective to the practice of jazz. This ensemble provides an introduction to various styles, rhythms and concepts found in music from the Caribbean, Brazil and Haiti, delivered with an improviser's sensibility.

Jazz Core Classes

Jazz Performance Majors complete a thorough battery of core classes to complete their degree:

Four levels concentrating on voice-leading, chord-scale applications and advanced rhythmic techniques for improvising on standards, modal and free-form jazz compositions.
Techniques for small-group and large ensemble arranging.
Writing in a wide variety of styles.
Jazz Piano:
Techniques for solo and ensemble piano performance – required of all majors.
Jazz History:
Study of jazz from its origins to the present, and its relationship to social and cultural movements.