MUS 491 Policy on Senior Music Recitals


The following policy will apply to all students presenting a senior recital:


  1. Seniors are strongly encouraged to participate in joint recitals.
  2. The Department of Music will provide general area lights and appropriate PA sound support. One copy of the performance tape will be provided free of charge to each student performer.
  3. Promotion of the concert and preparation of the concert program will be the responsibility of the performers involved. Students use the online RECITAL COVER template to prepare their programs. RECITAL POSTERS use the onliine POSTER guidelines to create your recital poster/flyer. Both are submitted for approval at the time of the RECITAL HEARING.
  4. Noon concerts are limited to one 45-minute set. Evening concerts are limited to a maximum of two 45-minute sets.
  5. Students are encouraged to submit their requests as early as possible.
  6. The students in close coordination with their Private Lesson Instructor will be responsible for content and performers for a recital program.
  7. Scheduling of recital dates will be at the discretion of the Department of Music Production Manager and the Department Chair. Requests will require prior written approval using the Recital Request Form before the Recital is considered confirmed.
  8. Seniors are free to hold their recitals off campus, but they must make arrangements well in advance to have a faculty member present for the recital in order for a grade to be given for the project.
  9. Lighting and PA support will only be provided for the actual performance. No support will be provided for rehearsals. Sound checks will be held one-and-a-half hours before concert time. Bring at least 50 copies of your RECITAL PROGRAM to your recital. Make your copies off campus or at Campus Prints. No ushers are provided.
  10. The SENIOR RECITAL CHECKLIST is provided for your careful planning of this momentus capstone experience.