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Welcome to the NAMS program

The administrative office for the AMCS, CALS, NAMS, and Film Studies programs has temporarily relocated to the third floor. If you need assistance with:

  • Locating Faculty/Advisors
  • Fall 2019 Schedule/Registration
  • General Help

Please go one floor up to NH 362 and ask for Linnea Mullins, Administrative Support Coordinator for AMCS/NAMS/CALS. You can also send me an email: or phone: 664-2486.

Note: The Faculty offices are still on the 2nd floor. Only the office has been relocated to the 3rd floor. Thanks for your patience.

The Native American Studies program is designed to provide a minor with a multidisciplinary approach to Native Americans through ethnography, history, sociology, and the humanities. By approaching the multiplicity of Indian cultures from a variety of academic perspectives, a deeper understanding of native societies past and present, will emerge. The program is designed to present a variety of American Indian experiences and issues within the wider context of human history and evolution.

The program is especially interested in providing teachers, community service personnel, tribal administrators, and other interested persons with useful skills in dealing with this unique community. Special emphasis will be placed on assisting educators with practical and theoretical approaches to Indian education. Students in Native American studies are encouraged to apply toward the NAMS minor selected courses from history, anthropology, art, CALS, AMCS, and Education. Students may develop a special major in Native American studies; those interested should review the guidelines for special majors and consult the program coordinator.