Minor Information

For current catalog information, see 2013-2014 Catalog NAMS Program Description (PDF)

Those interested should review the guidelines for special majors and consult the program coordinator.

NAMS Minor Core Requirements
  Courses Units GE
Take one of these: NAMS 165 A/B Learning Community 4 C3
NAMS 175 Native Cultures of Northern CA 4 C2
Take one of these: NAMS 200 Introduction to Native Americans 3 D1
NAMS 205 Introduction to Native American Arts 4 C1
And take all of these: NAMS 354 Native American Literature 4 C2
NAMS 338 Native Americans and the Cinema 4 C1
NAMS 346 Philosophical Systems and Sacred Movements in Native North America 4 C2
NAMS 495 Special Studies
as an Independent Study which may include community internship at a local Native American agency or organization.
Total   24  

Please contact the NAMS Coordinator about Minor Electives.