Jimmy Briggs Lesson

By Felipe Nieto / Laura Bell

Lesson Plan
Standards Covered:
Geography: (national standards) 6, 11, 12, 13, 18
World History: (10.10.1) (10.10.2)

Students should be able to:

  • Recognize the complexity of historical causes and effects. (Including the limitations for determining the causes and effects)
  • Trace the roots of apartheid and its effects in South Africa and its neighbors.
  • Learn why ethnic and religious differences have created violence in some societies

Materials Needed:

  • Computer lab (for use of text book tool: Witness audio history cd/dvd)
  • Book (Innocent’s lost: Saving Child Soldiers) – or excerpt copies.
  • Website List – National Geographic, ect.
  • Current Events (Magazine articles, newspaper clippings, ect)
  • Atlas
  • Charts
  • Double Entry Journal/Graphic organizers
  • Note taking reading guide
  • Child Soldier Locations (Locations doc) , and Child Soldiers in Sierra Leone Video Handout (Handout) – Lesson Plans provided by Amy Gibson, NHS

ELL Strategies:

  • Graphic Organizer
  • Note taking reading guide
  • English/Spanish Dictionary
  • Audio Visual aids
  • Double entry journals
  • Partner work
  • K.I.M. / KWL


K.W.L. – Know, want to know, and Learned chart. With the class, given their background info, and previous knowledge, work on the K, and W part of the chart. (Think/pair/share)

K.I.M. – front load the vocabulary that will be needed for the lesson. Assign them the K.I.M. (Can do in partner work if needed.) Include people, places, and things. (ex: apartheid, Nelson Mandela, Ethnic Cleansing)

Provide background knowledge of the region. (PowerPoint) Include visuals, and handout a graphic organizer if necessary. All students use a note taking reading guide during the discussion/presentation.


Assign students different regions /areas. (South Africa, Rwanda, Yugoslavia, Darfur, Middle east, Sierra Leone)

  • This is group work. (give specific instructions)
  • Assign 5 themes of geography for their region. (place, location, movement, human/environment interaction, region)
  • Geography Activity: Where in the world child soldiers are and have been used. (3 groups to shade in , need three different colors to shade in the map)

Show “Child Soldiers in Sierra Leone” (25 min documentary) with Double entry journal.

Have the students in their groups investigate current issues of their area. (Ex: ethnic Cleansing, Women being abused, Apartheid, Revenge, Resistance, ect).

  • Have each group present their findings to the class.
  • Have the rest of the class record the presentation info in a graphic organizer. (compare/contrast their regions to the one being presented)


Assign reading from Jimmie Brigg’s book, “Innocents Lost: Saving Child Soldiers”

  • Have students record their reflections and thoughts in a Double Entry Journal.

Possible Further activity:
Create a PBL (Problem Based Learning activity). Have the students be Journalists and create a periodical for their group. Discuss ways to become advocates for the cause, and/or to help people learn more about this issue.