SSU has two RN to BSN tracks
Post Licensure BSN Track

Collaborative Nursing Education Continuum Model (CNECM)

CNECM Program Information

CNECM Program Powerpoint

Traditional Post- Licensure

not admitting students

ADN students in the first fall semester, an “early start” to upper division Nursing coursework toward the BSN.  

1. In good standing in partner ADN program’s Santa Rosa JC, College of Marin, Napa Valley College, Solano Community College, or Mendocino College

2. Meet both Sonoma State University and Nursing Department Admission Criteria  

See SSU-ADN Road Map

For California licensed Registered Nurses with an Associate Degree in Nursing.


1. Meet both Sonoma State University and Nursing Department Admission Criteria  


 First Summer Term  
Between 1st & 2nd Year of ADN Program
NURS 312 (4 units)

Second Summer Term
Following ADN Graduation
NURS 313 (4 units)

Fall Semester         
11 units

Spring Semester   
11 units
 May graduation

*UDGE coursework varies with students

* Post Licensure BSN Degree Completion Time Limits

 Fall Semester     
16 units

Spring Semester    
 16 units

       May graduation





* Post Licensure BSN Degree Completion Time Limits


Application on NursingCAS (fee required)

*** APPLICATION to SSU is required and due November 30th for Fall admission to the Post-Licensure BSN Program after first summer course completion (N312). Mark “Nursing with RN” as major on the university application (major code 12032)***
Not Admitting Students
Look at available RN to BSN programs in California

Summer 2019 start

Not Admitting Students

University (SSU) Transfer Admission Criteria specific to BSN

  • Minimum of 60 semester units of college-transferable credit with at least a 3.0 overall GPA; maximum of 70 units of approved transfer credit from community college level coursework is allowed to count toward baccalaureate degree.
  • 30 units should meet Sonoma State University General Education (GE) requirements for transfer including the following also required as CSU Systemwide Nursing Program Admission Prerequisites (CSU Executive Order 1084, Attachment A)
    • ALL of GE Area A (Speech/Oral Communication, English Composition/Written Communication, and Critical Thinking)
    • ALL of GE Area B (Physical Science, Biological Science, and Quantitative Reasoning/Math).  
          The CSU quantitative reasoning/math requirement, Area B4, is satisfied by a course beyond Intermediate Algebra which is required for the ADN.  Statistics is required for the BSN and meets the CSU B4 requirement. 
          The CSU General Education Requirements for Area B (except Area B4 Math/Statistics) are usually met by the prerequisite science courses required for the Associate Degree in Nursing (chemistry, anatomy, physiology, and microbiology). 
          Note that the prerequisite requirement for chemistry is a general, inorganic, organic or integrated chemistry (with associated lab if required at the institution where the course was taken).      
  • 30 units must be credit for lower-division nursing course work (nursing coursework at California community college programs meets and exceeds this requirement).
  • Second baccalaureate applicants must meet the CSU Systemwide Nursing Program Admission Prerequisites listed above, however, may have one course in Area A (such as Critical Thinking) met with the existing baccalaureate degree.


Department of Nursing Admission Criteria

The SSU BSN Program is on official CSU Impacted Status and, in addition to university admission criteria, the following admission criteria for the Post-Licensure BSN Program Track (TPOST and CPOST) are in effect.  Current ADN students interested applying to the CNECM must also meet all of the following requirements.

  • Minimum of 60 semester units of college-transferable credit with a minimum 3.0 overall GPA; a maximum of 70 units from community college level coursework is allowed.
  • Current California licensure as a Registered Nurse (or anticipated graduation from a California ADN program no later than Spring with RN licensure by August 15 the first summer after graduation).
  • Minimum of 3 semester units of college-transferable credit in chemistry with a grade B- or better (any chemistry taken as prerequisite to the ADN program is acceptable for the BSN, however, if not taken at college level, it would not meet the SSU GE Area B1 Physical Science requirement and the student would need to complete a B1 qualified chemistry course prior to admission).
  • Human anatomy and physiology within the past 10 years or documented direct patient care nursing experience within the past two years.
  • Preference for admission will be given to applicants with the fewest number of lower division SSU GE requirements outstanding.  All lower division SSU GE course must be completed before fall matriculation.
  • Preference for admission to the Post-Licensure BSN program will be given to qualified applicants residing in SSU service area counties (Sonoma, Napa, Solano, Marin, Lake, and Mendocino).
  • Admission to SSU.