The first two years of the program consist of Pre-Nursing science and general education requirements. Upon completion of the Pre-Nursing curriculum, the student may apply for admission to the Nursing major.

Pre-Nursing University Entrance Requirements: High School or College introductory level Biology and Chemistry with grades of B- or higher, overall GPA of 3.5 and a minimum eligibility index score of 4004 (SAT) or 966 (ACT). A Pre-Nursing major classification at SSU provides only priority registration in prerequisite science courses. There is no guarantee of admission to the nursing major based on pre-nursing designation.

SSU does not accept transfers into pre-nursing.




  1. Nursing curriculum - pre-requisites, general education requirements and nursing coursework (4 year plan).
  2. Decision Day Powerpoint- This powerpoint will explain the process from freshman to the nursing program admission. Frequently asked questions answered in powerpoint.
  3. California Dept of Public Health: Certified Nursing Assistant Programs in CA
    • CNA certification not required to apply, must be completed before start of the program.
  4. Exam Course Equivalencies for AP, CLEP and IB Courses
  5. How to calculate your Eligibility Index Score - (GPAx800) + SATs(math & verbal) or (H.S. GPA x 200) + (10xACT Comp Score)
  6. Reading Your Academic Requirements Report -(ARR)
  7. Assist an online student-transfer information system that shows how course credits earned at one public California college or University can be applied when transferred to another.
  8. Board of Registered Nursing Approved Pre-Licensure (ADN, BSN, & ELM Nursing Programs in California)
  9. Pre-Nursing GRID
  10. How to Register for PSI TEAS Assessment
  11. How to Register for TEAS Assessment

Any questions regarding pre-nursing, please email