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Pre-licensure: group advising is done each semester during one of the classes. Individual advising is done as needed by either the junior or senior faculty advisor. Students receive advising folders that they bring to each advising session.

Post-licensure: group academic advising is done as part of the SSU transfer student Spring orientations. Faculty advisors do individual academic advising as needed either in person, by phone, or by email (students’ choice).

FNP: group advising is done during the FNP Program orientation. Advising is available on an individual basis by the director and and assistant director.


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Available to All SSU students, check the individual webpages for details. Through the A-Z directory on the SSU homepage you can access specific campus departments, programs, offices and services. The SSU search box can also be used to locate specific resources.

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Leslie Shelton, Ph.D. (