How to Submit Resource Records & Study Reports

Please follow these standards for submitting paper and digital (electronic) format resource records and study reports. At this time the NWIC accepts documents in either and or both paper and digital (electronic) format (pdf). Within the next couple of years, however, the NWIC will begin to phase out the option to submit paper documents and will accept only digital (electronic) documents with the following exceptions: HABS, HAER, and similar level evaluations containing photographs and drawings will be accepted with the report in digital (electronic) format and the photos, drawings, etc. in hard-copy. Presentations recorded on a CD or DVD may also be submitted.

Paper Document Submission

  • See the CHRIS IC Operations Manual for standards for completing a resource record.
  • Submit one unbound copy of each resource record and/or study report.
  • Submit cover letter with contact information.

Digital (Electronic) Document Submission