Manage My Award

Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) assists Principal Investigators and Project Directors and their administrative staff in managing sponsored programs throughout an award's lifecycle. There are a variety of award management functions that SPA conducts to ensure compliance with a project's funding terms and conditions.

After an award has been fully executed, the Principal Investigator/Project Director (PI/PD) will work with their Project Administrator (PA) to set up a SPA will facilitate the subcontracting process.

Once the budget has been established, the PI/PD may spend award funds to support the goals andobjectives of their award.

Depending on the nature of the project, the PI/PD may have to work with various campus departments and individuals for certain types of expenditures.

Sponsored Programs Administration is available to assist the PI/PD to the extent possible with any post award activity.

PIs/PDs are responsible for the submission of all technical reports for their awards. A copy or notice of submission should be provided to SPA.

There are also standard close out procedures that must be followed for closing out a project. SPA will notify the PI/PD of awards as they approach their end dates.

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