Sponsored Programs


The mission of Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) is to provide administrative support to Principal Investigators, Project Directors, and project staff and to provide compliance and monitoring oversight for post award activities for sponsored programs administered by Sonoma State University.


SPA strives to provide outstanding service to our customers: Principal Investigator/Project Directors/Project Staff, Administration & Finance Staff, Sponsors and Auditors, the Campus Community, and Management of SSU and the CSU.

SPA strives to ensure compliance with federal, state, sponsor, CSU, and SSU policies and procedures by utilizing available resources, developing our technical skills and knowledge base, and monitoring post-award activities.


Reporting to the Vice President for Administration & Finance and CFO, SPA is part of Financial Services.

Project Administrators, including the Senior Director, are assigned a portfolio of awards. Project Administrators collaborate with Principal Investigators and Project Directors to ensure the successful post award administration of their awards.

Dedicated staff provide accounting, reporting and administrative support to Project Administrators, Principal Investigators and Project Directors.

By the Numbers

SPA currently administers over 140 awards and serves over 40 Principal Investigators and Project Directors.

SSU's total sponsored activity for 2014-15 was $8.5 million of which $6.5 million originated from the Federal government.

SSU's total sponsored research volume for 2014-15 was $1.8 million with grants and contracts from the National Science Foundation, Department of Defense, Department of Energy, Department of Education, National Institutes of Health and the Department of Commerce.

Principal Investigator/Project Director Support Services

Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) is the one-stop office for administrative and fiscal support services during the post-award phase of sponsored research awards. Based on a Principal Investigator’s needs and expectations SPA will tailor our services to meet them. Whether a project is large and complex or small and simple we're here to support Principal Investigators/Project Directors and project staff. Please see the FAQ for a description of our services. We look forward to working with you!