The documents on this page are available for download and use by SSU personnel. Please check back frequently for updated forms and information.

ORSP Forms
Topic Form Content File Type/Notes Revision Date
ORSP Forms Proposal Endorsement Form (PEF) (Microsoft Excel, .xls) 02/09/18
Conflict of Interest Disclosure: Nongovernmental sponsors(700-U) (Adobe Acrobat,.PDF) 04/12/18
Conflct of Interest Disclosure: Public Health Service and National Institutes of Health Microsoft Word, .doc 07/01/14
Conflict of Interest Disclosure: National Science Foundation (Microsoft Excel, .xls) 04/27/04
ORSP Budget Template (Microsoft Excel, .xls) 02/09/18
Fringe Benefit and Risk Rates (Microsoft Excel, .xls) 02/09/18
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Use Application (Adobe Acrobat,.PDF) 05/30/17
Indirect Cost Waiver Form (Microsoft Word, .doc) 02/09/18
Cost Share Authorization Form (Microsoft Excel, .xls) 04/12/18
Human Subjects IRB Human Subjects Application - Fill-enabled (Microsoft Word,.docx) 02/19/19
IRB Human Subjects Application - Appendix A. Informed Consent Guidance (Microsoft Word, .docx) 02/19/19
IRB Human Subjects Application -Appendix B. Research Activities Eligible for Exemption or Expedited Review (Microsoft Word, .doc) 02/08/19
IRB Student Certification Training (includes required certificate) link - web 01/29/19
IRB Student Certification Training Instructions link - PDF 01/29/19
IRB Human Subjects Renewal/Modification Form - Fill-enabled (Microsoft Word, .docx) 12/10/18