Funding Opportunities

External Funding

ORSP is here to help SSU faculty and staff secure funding for research, creative, and educational projects. If you are seeking resources from external (off campus) funding sources, we can:

  • Help identify suitable sponsors - see the ORSP Funding Sources Links page, or contact us for a customized search of funding opportunities;
  • Assist with proposal development;
  • Provide guidance on University policies regarding grants and contracts;
  • Route proposals through the SSU endorsement process.

Please note that all proposals for external funding must be routed for SSU institutional endorsement before submission. See ORSP’s Proposal Process Routing Procedures for details.

Internal Funding

The Faculty Subcommittee on Sponsored Programs (FSSP), a subcommittee of the Academic Senate, administers SSU’s internal grant programs with support from OFRSP.

Current FSSP Membership
Name School, Department
Matthew Clark (Chair) Social Sciences - Geography
Sean Place Science and Technology - Biology
Edward Lyon Education - Curriculum Studies and Secondary Education
Astha Sen Business and Economics - Economics
Emily Clark Arts and Humanities - Modern Languages
Deborah A. Roberts Ex Officio Member - Faculty Affairs
Gabrielle Utarid Administrative Representative - ORSP


The FSSP currently oversees several internal award programs:

Check the links on this page for updated program details and submission guidelines.