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Faculty Research Development Associate

Dr. Sean Place, Assistant Professor in Biology, is currently serving as Faculty Research Development Associate. In this role, Sean is available to meet with faculty to identify funding opportunities and assist with proposal development. Sean can be reached at (707) 664-3054 or

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There is a wide range of funding opportunities for SSU faculty and staff within the US federal government, the state of California, local agencies and through non-profit foundations. Funding opportunities also exist from foreign governments, multilateral and non-profit institutions, and corporations.

Navigating funding announcements and opportunities and identifying which represent the best match can be challenging. While ORSP generally does not seek funding opportunities for individual faculty members, this section of the website provides comprehensive information on internal and external funding sources. 

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SSU subscribes to SPIN. SPIN is described as the world’s largest database of sponsored funding opportunities. SPIN provides intuitive and easily customizable access to the most extensive research funding opportunity database on earth. Tools are provided that are geared towards both individual and administrative users, and SPIN provides both active searching as well as automated, daily opportunity notifications.

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If you prefer to receive funding notifications from ORSP, please complete a funding profile and email it to . You will receive periodic funding announcements from ORSP based on your profile.

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Having problems with SPIN or need assistance completing your funding interest profile? You should contact your Project Administrator. Your Project Administrator can assist you with SPIN and assist you in completing your funding interest profile.
Please consider the following information request to determine your research or sponsored programs interests:
What is your interest in developing grant/contract proposals?

  • Scientific research
  • Provide training/professional development
  • Receive training/professional development
  • Curriculum development
  • Development demonstration
  • Public service
  • Creative works (i.e. the Arts and Humanities)
  • Performances
  • International Projects
  • Technology/Instrumentation Development
  • Collaborate with Other Organizations

What are keywords to describe your proposal interests?

List any possible funding sources you believe may fund your areas of interest.

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Describe services that would facilitate your grant-seeking efforts, (funding search, idea development, proposal development, help in writing, review, budget, etc.).

Describe services for facilitating grant seeking opportunities at SSU.