Hire & Pay Special Consultants & Casual Workers

A special consultant:

  • Can be a Faculty Special Consultant or a Staff Special Consultant.
  • Performs special assignments of a temporary nature, based on a particular knowledge, ability or expertise.
  • Meets the “exempt” criteria of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and is not to be used for non-exempt work;
  • Is paid on a daily rate.

A casual worker:

  • Is hired on a temporary, part time, intermittent basis to perform non-bargaining unit work that meets the "non-exempt" criteria of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).
  • Is intended to perform intermittent work of a limited duration, for example, to proctor an examination or model for an art class.
  • Is paid on an houly rate and are not eligible for benefits, sick leave, vacation leave or shift differential.

Note: Use of the casual worker classification is not intended for temporary appointments that accommodate on-going work schedules.

Identify Staffing Need

Based on the requirements, terms, and conditions of an award agreement, the Principal Investigator/Project Director (PI/PD) should work with their Project Administrator to identify potential special consultant and casual worker needs. Once a special consultant or casual worker need has been identified and it is agreed that the award allows for the special consultant or casual worker position, the PI/PD should contact the appropriate Administrative Manager to obtain guidance on the next steps of the hiring process.

Complete Human Resources or Faculty Affairs Forms

These forms provide detailed information related to the special consultant or casual worker need identified. These forms are typically completed by an Administrator but do require approval by PI and other officials prior to processing. In addition to the information on the forms, this forms requires multiple levels of approval including:

  • Appropriate Administrator
  • Dean
  • Administrative Approval (President or designee)
  • SSU Budget Office
  • HR

The Procedures and Instructions for the Appointment of Faculty Special Consultants and Pre-Authorization and Faculty Special Consultant Payment Request Form can be found on the Faculty Affairs website forms page. Note that a pre-authorization must be submitted prior to commencement of work.

Information on the process for Staff Special Consultants and Special Consultant Agreement Form can be found on the Employment Services website.

The Personnel Action Form is used to set up Casual Worker appointments.

HR and FA are available to assist in completing the forms and to facilitate their flow through approval process.

Staff Oversight & Management

While outside the scope of these procedures, it should be noted that staff oversight should be a high priority for PI/PD. Faculty PIs/PDs cannot serve as appropriate administrators. However, PIs/PDs must be able to confirm that the employee working on the PI's/PD's project have expended effort consistent with the number of hours/days for which the employee is being paid.

All other responsibilities related to staff management (including pay rate increases, reclassification, evaluation, discipline, termination, etc.) should be handled by the employee's appropriate administrator in collaboration with HR.