Hire & Pay Independent Contractors

An independent contractor:

  • Is not a current CSU or state employee.
  • Is not hired as an SSU employee.
  • Has a distinct occupation, profession, business, or trade that is not regularly part of SSU business.
  • Agrees to complete a specific piece of work for an agreed upon fee.
  • Also provides services to non-SSU clients.
  • Supplies his/her own tools, materials and work space.

Independent Contractors should be included in proposal budgets, and are therefore approved by the agency via the budget in the award notification. If such an arrangement was not pre-approved by the funding agency, check with your Project Administrator (PA) to find out if it can be added later.

In all cases, you must contact your PA to determine if the Independent Contractor hiring process is appropriate for your project. You must do this prior to making arrangements for a potential Independent Contractor to work on your project.

A contract between SSU and the independent contractor must be established through the SSU Procurement Office. Principal Investigators/Project Directors (PIs/PDs) may contact their PA or their division’s/school’s administrative manager to initiate the process with an EREQ which must include the Independent Contractor Review form. Employment Services provides an Independent Contractor Flowchart and a table highlighting the differences between Special Consultants and Independent Contractors on their website.