Purchasing and Contracts

Many purchases require a contractual agreement between SSU and the supplier of the good or service.

PIs/PDs should consult with their PA to determine if a contract is necessary. If a contract is required, the PA can assist the PI/PD in initiating the contract via the EREQ process.

A contract is required if the answer to any of the following question is yes:

  • Is the supplier a one-person operation? (Honoraria- non-SSU employees does not require a contract)
  • Is the supplier coming to campus to perform work?
  • Will the supplier services involve modification, including construction, alteration, painting, repair or improvement, to any state structure, building, road or other improvement of any kind?
  • Will the supplier services require use of hazardous chemicals or involve disturbance or removal of hazardous materials such as asbestos or lead?
  • Are the purchases charged to sponsored funds and are the services for clinical research, material transfer, or do they involve human subjects?
  • Is there a requirement for milestone deliverables and/or specific milestone deliverable dates?
  • Is there a requirement for services to be completed in accordance with a firm schedule?
  • Are the services for a commissioned work?
  • Are there data usage and ownership requirements?
  • Is the expenditure for loan of equipment or other tangible items?

University Contracts can only be signed by the President, CFO and procurement office officials. All contracts must be reviewed by the Procurement Office.