Set Up a Budget

Once the funding agency has informed you and ORSP that your award has been funded, you will work with the Project Administrator (PA) assigned to your award to setup a budget. As the Principal Investigator/Project Director (PI/PD), you should have submitted a budget as part of the proposal endorsement process. The PA assigned to your project will obtain this proposed budget and verify that the submitted budget and the agency-awarded/funded budget match; if there are any discrepancies, your PA will contact you determine how to revise your budget.

Based on the budget approved by the funding agency, the PA will record the budget in the Common Financial System (CFS). A Delegation of Authority form indicating those individuals (aside from the PI/PD) who should be granted signature authority on the award will for forwarded to the appropriate individuals.

New PIs/PDs are required to complete a Confirmation of Understanding. Your PA will review the requirements of the Confirmation of Understanding and provide the form to you for signature.

Once the budget has been recorded, the Delegation of Authority has been signed and returned to ORSP and the Confirmation of Understanding, if applicable, has been signed and returned to ORSP the PI/PD is authorized to begin spending award funds.

Note: The budget awarded by the funding agency may not match what you requested in your proposal; your PA will help you determine how to revise your budget accordingly.