Hire & Pay Students

Identify Student Employement Need

Based on the requirements, terms, and conditions of an award agreement, the Principal Investigator/Project Director (PI/PD) should work with their Project Administrator to identify potential student employment needs. Once a student employment need has been identified and it is agreed that the award allowed for the student position, the PI/PD should follow the SSU Student Assistant Employment Guidelines and contact the appropriate Administrative Manager to obtain guidance on the next steps of the hiring process.

Staff Oversight & Management

While outside the scope of these procedures, it should be noted that oversight of student employees should be a high priority for PI/PD. Faculty PIs/PDs cannot serve as appropriate administrators. However, PIs/PDs must be able to confirm that the student employee working on the PI's/PD's project have expended effort consistent with the number of hours/days for which the employee is being paid.

All other responsibilities related to the management of student employees (including pay rate increases, reclassification, evaluation, discipline, termination, etc.) should be handled by the student employee's appropriate administrator in collaboration with HR.