Pay for Goods & Services

There are three primary methods to purchase goods and services:


  • Goods: The use of the ProCard for goods is subject to the cardholder's limit and the use must adhere to the ProCard Handbook.
  • Services: The use of the ProCard for services is limited to $1,000 per transaction. The ProCard cannot be used if a contract is required.

Direct Pay/Direct Invoice

  • Goods: The Direct Pay/Direct Invoice method may be used for goods up to $500.
  • Services: The Direct Pay/Direct Invoice method may be used up to $2,500 as long as a contract is not required.

EREQ Request/Purchase Order

All purchases not included in the ProCard and Direct Pay/Direct Invoice methods must follow the EREQ Request/Purchase Order method.

Employee Business Expenses Reimbursement (EBER)

The EBER is used for out-of- pocket business expenses (non-travel) up to $500.

SPA is available to assist PIs/PDs in accessing any of the purchasing services noted above. PIs/PDs should contact their PA for further assistance.

Note: School Administrative Managers and staff may also be able to assist PIs/PDs in making purchases.

Please see Purchasing contracts tab as many purchases require a contractual agreement that much be processed using the EREQ process noted above.