View Financial Reports

Principal Investigators/Project Directors (PIs/PDs) are provided with financial reports for their awards on a monthly basis via e-mail. The report consists of a financial summary of the award and a detail of expenses charged to the award in the month reported.

PIs/PDs may also access financial reports for their awards via the Common Financial System's Data Warehouse. PIs/PDs should contact their Project Administrator (PA) for information regarding access registration and instructions for using the Data Warehouse.

While the award financial reports (AFRs) present an overall financial statement for awards, PIs/PDs should specifically look for the following items:

  • Are the expenses charged to the award charges that the PI/PD authorized?
  • Is the budget presented for the award current, complete, and accurate?
  • Is the amount of funding left to spend sufficient to achieve the programmatic goals and objectives of the award?

If a PI/PD has a question regarding any expense charged to an award or would like further guidance on reviewing and understanding the financial reports the PA should be contacted.

Request current financial reports for your award.