Visitor Parking

If you are planning to visit Sonoma State University, please stop by either of the Parking Information Centers for directions, a campus map, or to purchase a parking pass. All vehicles are required to display a valid parking permit. Some visitors are eligible for a guest parking permit. Approved visitor parking must be requested by the department sponsoring the guest.

University Guest Parking

Approved visitors to the University may be eligible for guest parking. Persons eligible for include:

  • Individuals invited in an official capacity to meet with departments regarding SSU or CSU business
  • Prospective students participating in tours or events sponsored by the Admissions Office
  • Guest speakers/lecturers
  • Individuals appointed to specific boards, committees, or other official campus bodies, as long as the individual is not a current student or employee of the campus
  • Individuals volunteering to work for campus
  • Emeritus Faculty and Retired Staff who are holders of a valid Emeritus Parking Permit
  • Campus suppliers/vendors with contracts requiring regular service or delivery to the campus.

For the complete list of eligible visitors and further details, please refer to the University Parking Policy.

How to Obtain Visitor Permits

Visitor permits must be requested 2 business days in advance by contacting Parking Services. Only SSU staff may request parking permits for visitors, which requires administrator approval. When making your request please include the following information:

  • Date of visit
  • Name of guest
  • Purpose of visit (meeting, speaker, etc)
  • Approximate time of arrival, if known
  • Name and department of requestor

Any events with more than 10 guests should be requested as soon as possible to ensure that the proper arrangements are made. Please note that guests attending conferences or workshops on campus may not be eligible for guest parking.

How to Obtain Volunteer Permits

Documented campus volunteers are eligible for free non-reserved parking for the duration of their appointment. To obtain parking permits, volunteers must be documented through either Human Services of Faculty Affairs. The volunteer must present their completed application at the Seawolf Service Center to receive a parking pass. Campus volunteers who are also faculty, staff or students of the University are not eligible for volunteer parking.

How to Obtain Retired Staff/Emeritus Permits

Retired staff and Emeritus faculty are eligible for free general parking. Passes are valid for one (1) year and must be obtained at the Seawolf Service Center by presenting the identification card provided by Human Services or Faculty Affairs following staff retirement or the establishment of Emeritus status.

Faculty pending Emeritus status are not eligible for free parking until the process has been completed.

Faculty participating in the Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP) are not eligible for free parking.