Why Philosophy?


Philosophy as an undergraduate field of study will give you an invaluable background in how to think creatively, as well as critically. This skill is vital in an era where people change their careers frequently.

At Sonoma State, students who major and minor in philosophy learn to engage with ongoing debates within the philosophical tradition, debates about ethics, political and social issues, technology, the environment, spirituality, film and aesthetics, law, and other issues highly relevant to contemporary society. Students gain the necessary tools for reflection, self-awareness and growth, and they develop an understanding of civic responsibility and engagement.

According to the New York Times, more and more undergraduates are majoring in philosophy. (lNY Times, April 6, 2008, "In a New generation of College Students"). In part because of its emphasis on analytical rigor, philosophy teaches students both careful reasoning and effective communication. Philosophy majors have the highest verbal scores and the second highest analytic scores on the GRE, and philosophy majors excel at the LSAT. In addition, philosophy majors score higher on the GMAT than anyone other than hard science majors.