Ada S. Jaarsma

Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Office:  Nichols 324
B.A., University of Waterloo;
M.A., Trent University;
PhD, Purdue University
Phone:  (707) 664-3192

Ada S. Jaarsma is an assistant professor in the Department of Philosophy. She works in continental philosophy, feminist philosophy, critical theory, and philosophy of culture. She is completing a manuscript currently entitled "Kierkegaard and Gender Studies: Sin, Sex, and Critical Theory."

Recent Publications

"Habermas's Kierkegaard and the Nature of the Secular," Constellations: An International Journal of Critical and Democratic Theory (forthcoming, 17.2, 2010).

"An Existential Look at Mad Men: Don Draper, Advertising, and the Promise of Happiness," in Philosophy and Mad Men. Ed. Ron Carveth & James South. The Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series (forthcoming, 2010).

"Rethinking the Secular in Feminist Marriage Debates," Studies in Social Justice, special issue "Just Reason," (forthcoming, Winter 2010).

“Queering Kierkegaard: Sin, Sex, and Critical Theory,” Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory (forthcoming, Spring 2010).

“The Ideology of the Normal: Desire, Ethics, and Kierkegaardian Critique,” in Feminist Ethics and Social and Political Philosophy: Theorizing the Non-Ideal, ed. Lisa Tessman (Springer,2009).

Book Review, The Legacy of Simone de Beauvoir, ed. Emily R. Grosholz (Clarendon Press, 2006), APA Newsletter on Feminism and Philosophy, 7(2): 2008.

"Irigaray's To Be Two: The Problem of Evil and the Plasticity of
Incarnation," (republication) Feminism and the Problem of Evil, ed. Robin May Schott (Indiana University Press, 2007)

original publication: "Irigaray's To Be Two: The Problem of Evil and the Plasticity of
Incarnation," Hypatia special issue "Feminism and the Problem of Evil." 18.1 (2003): 44-63.

"Word and Flesh: Reading Luce Irigaray," in The Strategic Smorgasbord of Post-Modernity: Literature and the Christian Critic, ed. Deborah Bowen. (Cambridge Scholars Press, 2007)

Research Interests