Gillian Parker

Associate Professor of Philosophy (1995)

Born in Singapore, raised there and in England
B.A. Hons, Philosophy and Politics, Manchester University, U.K., 1986
Ph.D. Philosophy (Literary Theory minor), Indiana University, Bloomington, 1994

Gillian's research and teaching interests are in aesthetics, in particular the philosophy of literature; and, in environmental philosophy, in particular, environmental aesthetics.  She recently taught an experimental class in philosophy and literature where students were asked not to write your typical philosophy paper but, instead, a philosophical short story. Gillian's currently writing a collection of short stories, some of which are philosophically inclined.  However, her time is currently consumed, not in writing, but in looking after her fifteen month old son, Julian, who thankfully does not seem like he will be a philosopher, rather, a linebacker for the 49ers.