Teed Rockwell

Lecturer (2002)
email: teedrockwell@gmail.com

Although Teed Rockwell began his philosophical studies with a strong interest in Continental philosophy, especially Heidegger, Nietzsche and Hegel, he now studies how philosophical presuppositions about mind and reality affect the practices of scientific researchers, especially in biology, psychology and the cognitive sciences. Much to his own surprise, he has become a philosopher of science in the Anglo-American Analytic tradition. He sees the American pragmatists, especially John Dewey, as the root that connects these two allegedly conflicting traditions.

Teed has had articles published in Behavior and Philosophy, Philosophical Psychology, Minds and Machines, the Journal of Consciousness Studies, The Journal of the John Dewey Society,  and in the Dictionary of the Philosophy of Mind. He has presented papers at meetings of the American Philosophical Association, The Society for Philosophy and Psychology, and the Southern Society of Philosophy and Psychology, among others. His MIT Press Book Neither Brain nor Ghost (2005) rejects both dualism and the mind/brain identity theory, and argues that the mind is a ³behavioral field² that fluctuates within the brain/body/world nexus.

Teed was an invited speaker at a conference on Mind and Reality sponsored by the department of religious studies at Columbia University, where he presented a commentary on a paper by Buddhist Scholar Robert Thurman. He is currently working on an Essay called "God, Freedom, and Darwin", which is designed to teach high school biology students the difference between Darwinian Scientific facts and the atheist Darwinian philosophy which is often derived from them.

Many of Teed's philosophy papers can be found at his Website Cognitive Questions.

Teed is also a musician, and the only person to play Hindustani Ragas on the Touchstyle Fretboard (aka Chapman Stick® or Warr Guitar ®) You can hear samples of his music.