Zeno Swijtink

Lecturer (1997)
email: swijtink@sonoma.edu

Zeno Swijtink studied Philosophy, Mathematics, and Economics at the University of Amsterdam in the 1970s. He left Amsterdam with a MS in Philosophy and Mathematics and studied for a year logic at the University of Warsaw before enrolling as a graduate student at Stanford University in its Program for Logic, Philosophy of Science, and Philosophy of Language. His doctorate of 1982 at that school was in the foundations of statistical inference.

Since then he taught Philosophy at, a.o., UC San Diego, SUNY Buffalo, and Indiana University at Bloomington, and had research gigs in Bielefeld, Germany, Groningen and Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and Berlin, Germany, at the Max Planck Institute for History of Science, before coming to Sonoma State University in 1997.

His research focus is on topics in the History and Philosophy of
Science, and in Environmental Philosophy.

He is working, against his will and inclination, as an environmental activist in Sonoma County, on watershed and global climate change issues, and is wont to impress on his students the disharmony of the modern industrial time-frame with the tempo of the web of life, all the time firmly embedded in the trapping of post-modern existence. His students, in turn, favor irony over blatant inconsistencies.